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Pistachio Health Research Center Five Year Strategic Plans

Pistachio Health Research Center of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences was approved in August 2006 by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for Research and Technology. The center conducts basic and applied research in various areas related to pistachio and health. In addition, some PhD students, medical professionals, postgraduate masters, and laboratory science undergraduates can conduct research projects under the supervision of faculty members. Also students with master or PhD degree from universities affiliated to the Ministry of Science, whose thesis is related to the research domains of the Center, are able to do their research work in collaboration with the faculty members of the Center.

being known as the country's pistachio hub, Rafsanjan has many professors and researchers at Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan (affiliated to the Ministry of Science) as well as in the country's Pistachio Research Center (based in Rafsanjan - affiliated with Agricultural Jihad), who do most of their research on pistachio. Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences has decided to invite researchers who wish to research on pistachio health to collaborate with other universities and research centers in the province and country by establishing a pistachio health research center under the supervision of experienced researchers of this research center to do their jobs.

Pistachio Health Research Center of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences is trying to fulfill the following goals as its mission:

  • Assistance in the implementation of plans, research projects and students′ pistachio health- oriented projects
  • Providing appropriate solutions to increase the human health and pistachio
  • Preparation, formulation, presentation and implementation of large-scale national research programs according to the region's priorities in the field of pistachio
  • Production of pistachio knowledge enterprise products
  • Conducting fundamental and applied studies and research in pest control and pistachio diseases, investigating the effect of pistachio and its compounds on human health, pistachio value in human nutrition
  • Planning, conducting, and supporting activities related to the transfer of research findings, inventions, discoveries, intellectual property, and the use of technical knowledge from fundamental and applied research in the private sector
  • Implementation of short-term, mid-term and long-term pistachio health research programs
  • Collaboration and coordination with hub institutions, executive units, universities, higher education institutions and international institutions related to pistachios.
  • Holding scientific workshops


  • Located in Food and Drug Administration
  • Ability to use specialized laboratories and advanced equipment of the Food and Drug Administration
  • Food and Drug Control Laboratory at Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences as one of the reference laboratories to issue health certificates for pistachio cargoes exported to the European Union, which provides a great deal of pistachio research for the Pistachio Health Research Center.
  • Having the possibility of research on pistachio and its relation to people's health, since Rafsanjan is considered as a pistachio hub of the country and has many pistachio gardens and many people are dealing with pistachios in this city.
  • Having competent and efficient human resources in this center as well as other academic centers of the city, including Vali-e-Asr University of Agriculture and Rafsanjan Pistachio Research Institute, has made it possible to collaborate closely with researchers and faculty members of these centers.
  • The existence of other research centers affiliated with Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences and the possibility of cooperating with researchers in these centers and using laboratory equipment and equipment of these centers.
  • Establishing the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences as the first university research institute and the possibility of collaborating with researchers in this institute


  • Staff recruitment problems (researchers and experts)
  • Lack of adequate and separated space for the center
  • Lack of sufficient funding for the center
  • Inadequate equipment for laboratories


  • Recruiting (MSc and PhD) graduate students affiliated to the Ministry of Science with thesis topics on pistachio health
  • Government funding for research centers
  • People′s need to do research on pistachio and study the relationship of this strategic product with human health
  • Relationship of the center with other research centers, research institutes and colleges related to pistachio including Rafsanjan Pistachio Research Institute and Rafsanjan University of Agriculture
  • Young people interested in research on pistachio health in Rafsanjan

 • located in the Center for Food and Drug Administration, has made use of their advanced laboratory equipment possible

  • Establishment of a center in Rafsanjan city which is the pistachio pole of the country and the importance of pistachio health research for Rafsanjan
  • The existence of an English-language university journal called the Pistachio and Health Journal, which accepts research papers at the Center.


  • Failure to approve independent organization chart
  • Low research funding
  • Unable to attract specialist human resources
  • Failure to pay research costs on time
  • Financial Independence of the Research Center


  • Performing applied, fundamental and clinical research on pistachio health
  • Training researcher in the field of pistachio and health
  • Attempting to attract funding from internal and external scientific organizations and associations to conduct research
  • Scientific cooperation with research centers in Iran and other countries and national and international institutions in the field of Center work
  • Equipping and optimizing dedicated laboratories for the research center in line with the research activities of the center
  • Providing effective solutions based on scientific research to address the health problems of people involved in planting, growing and harvesting pistachio.
  • Providing solutions and help to solve health problems related to pistachio export

Strategic Objectives

  • Development of pistachio and health related research
  • Focus on developing a strategic plan for the future activities of the Center
  • The use of specialized staff and making them efficient
  • Development of knowledge-based and product-based research related to the Center's activities

Using Opportunities to Reduce Weaknesses (Weaknesses / Opportunities; WO)

  • Updating the center website
  • Increasing funding for development of pistachio and health related research
  • Recruitment and recruitment of efficient staff
  • Supporting researchers to increase motivation for pistachio and health research
  • Increasing the skills of researchers and researchers of the center
  • Organizing applied research projects
  • Development of laboratory equipment

Using Strengths / Threats to Reduce Threats

  • Active participation in Pistachio Research Institute meetings that provide direct and in-person communication with Pistachio workers in the province and listening to their problems in that respect
  • Reviving pistachio and health research status for pistachio-related institutions and organizations, including jihad- daneshgahi
  • Attempting to obtain the center's definitive license
  • Reflection of center programs to other university research centers and other non-university research centers as well as pistachio workers in the province

Weaknesses / Threats; WT Solution

  • Quality Improvement of Human Resources of the Center
  • Recruiting efficient researchers
  • Improvement in communication with other research centers
  • Organizing the purchase of equipment and consumables for the Research Center
  • Establishment of a unit in order to create academic-industry relationships

Pistachio Health Research Center Five Year Strategic Plans

First year:

  • Approving pistachio and health research projects
  • Recruiting interested researchers in the field of activity from the faculty of the university and other out-of-university research center
  • Publishing articles from approved research projects at the Center in prestigious journals around the world
  • Purchase laboratory equipment related to the activities of the center

Second year:

  • Developing physical space appropriate to the goals and plans of the Center with an emphasis on establishing an appropriate and independent building
  • providing equipment appropriate to the goals and plans of the center
  • Providing a platform for developing and implementing collaborative projects with other universities and research centers outside the university
  • Signing contracts between Pistachio Health Research Center and other University Research Centers

Third year:

  • Adopt knowledge-based and product-based projects
  • Allocating physical space for the development of independent laboratories for research activities
  • Register at least one reputable journal related to Pistachio and Research Center activities

Forth year:

  • Establish and register at least one knowledge-based company
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to provide specialized services related to the implementation of research projects of faculty members and affiliated centers of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences and other public and private organizations and institutions.
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to work with industry to implement applied research projects
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to implement the research results of the Center (product making)

Fifth Year:

  • Final approval of the establishment of the center from the competent authorities (university and ministry)
  • Approving the organizational chart of the center and recruiting the necessary personnel with the required expertise
  • Independent and adequate budgeting tailored to the goals and plans of the Center
  • Attempting to become a member of the Center for the first university-based research institute
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