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The Five-year strategic objectives of "Infectious Disease Immunology Research Center"

First year:

  • Obtaining the final license of the establishment of the center from competent authorities (university and ministry)
  • Approve the organization chart of the center and employ the necessary forces with the required expertise
  • Budget Allocation independent and tailored to the goals and plans of the Center
  • Attempt to become a member of the Center's first institute to establish a university

 Second year:

  • Development of physical space commensurate with the goals and plans of the center, with emphasis on the establishment of a suitable and independent building
  • Completion of equipment in accordance with the goals and plans of the center

Third year:

  • Provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of post-graduate studies in terms of the diversity of fields and number of students (acceptance and suggestion of a senior research associate).
  • Providing a platform for the development and implementation of joint projects with other universities and research centers outside the university

Fourth year:

  • Establishing and registering at least one center-based knowledge company
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to provide specialized services related to the implementation of research projects of faculty members and centers affiliated to Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences and other governmental and private organizations

Fifth year:

  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to work with the industry to implement research projects for the production of materials and medical devices, including medicines and diagnostic laboratory kits
  • Providing the necessary infrastructure to apply (converted to the product) the results of the research center for the production of materials and medical equipment and the elimination of deficiencies.
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