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About MMRC
In November 2009, the Molecular Medicine Research Center (MMRC) of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences was granted the authority to be established by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In this research center, basic and applied research is carried out in various fields of Hematology, Biochemistry, Parasitology, Immunology, Genetics. In addition, some PhD students in medicine, dentistry, and postgraduate students of medical sciences as well as undergraduate students of laboratory sciences and PhD by research students can conduct their research projects under the supervision of the MMRC faculty members.
MMRC's fields of activities
♦ Training Efficient Researchers at Masters and PhD degrees
♦ Training students in different levels in relation to the MMRC fields of Activity
♦ Performing applied research to develop new methods for diagnosing of diseases
♦ Research in the development of new therapies for human diseases
♦ Presenting scientific workshops
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