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Geriatric Care Research Center

The Geriatric Care Research Center was established based on license No. 1513/500 /D adopted by the 224th session of the Council for the Development of Medical Sciences Universities in 13.05.2013.
Enhancing the health and the life quality of elderlies in Iran focusing on self-care based on today’s knowledge through research, production, knowledge publication, and guidance of health policy of elderly people. 
The aim of the center is to increase the life quality of the elderlies in society by performing research and publication of knowledge in the field of self-care programs and elderly care.
Principle goals:
1.  Developing and employing human knowledge in the field of “elderly care”
2.  Performing basic epidemiological and clinical research to modify the health care system in Iran to response to the needs of Islamic society.
3.  Collecting, adjustment and classification of documents, articles and relevant documents and their publication 
4.  Training human sources in the field of elderly care
5.  Encouraging and employing the researchers
6.  Attempting to attract the attention an cooperation of relevant research and administrative centers within Iran
7.  Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers in other countries and international organization in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran
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