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Geriatric Care Research Center (GCRC) research project in 2014
1-  Comparison of two approach of consultation on psychological health of elderly: logotherapy and cognitive therapy referred to rafsangan health centers in 2014.
2-  Comparison of the effects of TBL and lecture approach in diabetes management in elderly patients Referred to the diabetes clinic in afsanjan city in 2014.
3-  Evaluation of the effect of Ramadan fasting on Sleep and life quality of elderlies in Rafsanjan city, Ramadan 2014
4-  Comparison of the effect of two methods for raw pistachio consumption in elderly patients suffer from metabolic syndrome referred to diabetes clinic of rafsanjan2014 
5-  Quality of life in Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences retired people 2014.
Geriatric Care Research Center (GCRC) research project in 2015
1-   The effect of facial and head massage on improving Delirium in elderly women hospitalized in Critical Care units of kashani, alzahra and chamran hospitals of Isfahan 2015.
2-   The effect of Pplav model on satisfaction of elderly hospitalized of coronary care unit of ali ibn Abi Talib Rafsanjan. 
3-  Comparative efficacy of Quetiapine combine Risperidone  with vitamin B12 in reducing pain and psychotic symptoms in patients with Alzheimer's disease in the city of Rafsanjan in 2015.
4-  Evaluation of the effects of vitamin B12 on the serum levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, TNF alpha, IL-6 and IL-8, in the patients suffering from Alzheimer with and without psychopathic symptoms
5-  Evaluating the serum level of CXC12 and gene expression of CXC4 in the patients with parkinson disease in comparison with healthy people.
6-  Comparison of the expression levels of CD9 and CD36 on the peripheral blood monocytes in the patients suffering from Alzheimer with and without psychotic symptoms 
7-  Effect of traditional music on insomnia in the elderly over 60 years  
8-  Assessing the effect of problem oriented coping strategies education on quality of life and perceived stress of family care givers of elderly with Alzheimer.
9-  Comparative investigation of the effect of morning  and evening walking on the quality of  night sleep of elderly people in Rafsanjan, 2016 
10-  Evaluate the effect of spiritual care education on self-efficacy of family caregivers of elders with  Alzheimer's disease in Rafsanjan city 2016
11-  The effects of selected Hatha Yoga Exercises (Asana and Pranayama ) in older women's Pittsburgh Sleep Quality and body Mass Index in rafsanjan city in 2015 .
Geriatric Care Research Center (GCRC) research project in 2016 
1-  The effect of Head and face massage on agitation rate and Pain intensity in elderly with Alzheimer's disease in Mehriz and Taft cities nursing home in 2016
2-  The relationship between religious beliefs and satisfaction in rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences retired people 2016.
3-  Study the effect of extremely-low frequency magnetic fields on induction of sleepiness in male mice; base on behavioral patterns and biochemical factors
4-  Reviews of nutritional experience of elderly people in rafsanjan 2015-2016
5-  Survey on the prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection and nutritional status in multiple sclerosis patients referring to multiple sclerosis clinic in Rafsanjan (a case-control study)
6-  The effect of self- efficacy skills education on depression scores in elderly refers to Rafsanjan parks in 2016
7-  Evaluation of Elderly -Familial Abuse, among individual Referred to the health care centers of Rafsanjan city, 2016
8-  Assessment BACE1 protein and mRNA level in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease in Rafsanjan. 
9-  The effect of aromatherapy with essential oils of rose on blood pressure in patients with hypertension Bahraman city of Rafsanjan in 2016
Geriatric Care Research Center (GCRC) research project in 2017
1-  Survey on the Effect of telenursing (telephone follow-up) on glycemic control of diabetes in elderly patients of Rafsanjan diabetes clinic on 2017
2-  The investigation of short text message reminder on control of elderly patients with high blood pressure referred to hypertension clinic in Kerman 2017
3-  Investigating the impact of a planned intervention of leisure time on loneliness and public health widowed elderly referring to health centers of Jiroft city -2017
4-  Investigating  the  effect  of  healthy lifestyle  education  program  on quality of  life and health  indices  of  the  elderly in  parks of  Rafsanjan  city  -  2017
5-  Evaluate the effect of Pilates exercises on the happiness of women's' elderly referred to number one health center university of medical sciences in Rafsanjan city2017       
6-  Comparing the effect of hot pack and ice pack on suprapubic region on post-operative urinary retention in elderly patients hospitalized in ghaem and imam Khomeini hospitals in jiroft city, 2017
7-  Investigating of the effect of weekly pill box on drug adherence in the elderly with cardiovascular disease referring to Kerman clinical social security organization in 2017
8-  Evaluating the effect of a care comprehensive program on the readmission rate and adherence to treatment in elderly people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) who referring to Ali-Ebn hospital of rafsanjan city in 2017-2018                                                                                                       9-  The Effect of scheduled visitation on Delirium Alert on non-ventilated elderly patients to Ali ibnAbitalebHospital in Rafsanjan city2017
10-  The survey of relationship between Nutrition Pattern and Mental Health of the Elderly Referring to Rafsanjan City Health Centers in 2017
11-  Investigation the effect of Yoga on musculoskeletal pain in elderly female referring to the selected comprehensive health center of  Rafsanjan city؛ 2018 
12-  Assessing the relationship  between perceived dignity and self-esteem in the elderly referring to health centers of Sirjan city 2017
Geriatric Care Research Center (GCRC) research project in 2018
1-  A Comparative Study of the Effect of Acupressure and Ice bag on the Pain during Removal of Femoral Artery Sheath in Angioplasty Patients in Angiography part of Ali-ibn Abitaleb Hospital in Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences in 2018
2-  Comparison of relaxation and meditation techniques on quality of life patients with Coronary Artery Disease that referred to the outpatient clinic in Rafsanjan city in 2018
3-  Comparative investigating of the effect of Acupressure and Abdominal massage on constipation of elderly women referring to selected Centers of Comprehensive Health Services in Rafsanjan in 2018
4-  Comparison of two method of use thinking deviation technique based mobile phone on the severity of pain in patients undergoing surgery in the surgical wards of Ali ibn Abi Talibi Hospital in Rafsanjan in 2018
5-  Comparison of two methods of behavioral cognitive therapy and exercise of Tai Chi on the fear of falling elderly retiree in Kerman University of Medical Sciences in 2018
6-  Evaluation of the effects of two techniques, relaxation and meditation, on the serum levels of IL-10, TGF-β, IL-6 and IFN- in the Rafsanjanese patients with Coronary Artery Disease in 2018
7-  Evaluation of the effects of two techniques, relaxation and meditation, on the serum levels of IL-2, TNF-α, IL-17A and Il-23 in the Rafsanjanese patients with Coronary Artery Disease in 2018
8-  Investigating the The Effect Of Evening Primrose On Blood Sugar And Lipid Profile In Pre-Diabetic Menopausal Women Referred To Rafsanjan Comprehensive Health Services Centers In 2018
9-  Comparative investigating of the Effect of Aloe Vera gel and Olive Oil on Incidence of pressure ulcer in patients Hospitalized in units of Aliebn-abitaleb Hospital, Rafsanjan 2019
10-  The effect of dayang sensory stimulation on the pain and agitation of patients admitted to intensive care units in Kerman Shahid Bahonar hospital 2019
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