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About the Social Determinants of Health Research Center (SDHRC)

Considering the population covered by Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences (RUMS) and Socio-economic, cultural and administrative potentials in the University and the region, this center can be an effective research center in regard to the community health promotion. The center has started its activities for about 7 years ago and is in the process of completing its required facilities, and is now located within the RUMS School of Medicine.

SDHRC Objectives
Performing reliable researches to identify the most important socio-economic and ecological agricultural conditions factors affecting the health of the target population in the region, including 2 counties of Rafsanjan and Anar in Kerman province, Iran. Results of the research projects of the center can be useful in the future planning of the health sector of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences. Additionally, the center is considering to publish research and scientific articles in prestigious domestic and international journals.




دانشگاه علوم پزشکی رفسنجان
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