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Research projects of Social Determinants of Health Research Center (SDHRC)
1- A survey to assess the effect of integrated care and healthy lifestyle education on quality of life of elderly people.
2- The survey between Rate of excitement seeking and substance abuse withdrawal among patients dependent to heroin, in addiction centers affiliated to Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences in 2014.
3- The survey of relationship between health literacy and infant's feeding- Pattern among women referring health care centers in Rafsanjan 2015-2016.
4- A survey on Musculoskeletal Condition and quality of life in faculty members of Rafsanjan University of medical sciences of Iran in 2019.
5- Evaluating the Correlation between frequency of cardiovascular and respiratory deaths with solar activities in Kerman 2010-2015.
6- Prevalence and risk factors for low birth weight in Rafsanjan, Iran; 2017.
7- Assessment of quality of health care services provided in health care centers of Rafsanjan using SERVQUAL model in 2017.
8- Prevalence and risk factors for Preterm birth in Rafsanjan, Iran; 2017.
9- Evaluation of prevalence of Zinc deficiency in children aged 4-6 years old in Rafsanjan, 2019.
10- Validity and Reliability of Persian Version of Impact on Participation and autonomy (IPA among Patients with Stroke referring to Health Clinic in Rafsanjan (Iran. 2019-20).
11- Evaluation of Participation rate of breast cancer patients in Rafsanjan City in 2016. 
12- Recognition of the geographical distribution of cancer mortality in Rafsanjan and Pomegranates. 
13- Effectiveness of psychological education intervention on quality of life, participation, mental health, fatigue and some immunologic and neuroendocrinological factors in patients with multiple sclerosis.
14-Evaluation of participation rate of Rafsanjan diabetic patients in their activities in 2016-2017.
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