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About Occupational Environment Research Center (OERC)
In 11 January 2011, The Occupational Environment Research Center (OERC) of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences was granted the authority to be established by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
In this research center, basic and applied research is carried out in the field of environmental factors, occupational diseases and environmental problems. In addition, some PhD students in medicine, and postgraduate students of biomedical sciences as well as undergraduate students of Health Sciences can conduct their research projects under the supervision of the OERC faculty members. 
OERC's fields of activities
Environmental risk assessment and its impact on human health in Rafsanjan city.
 Health status of people in different jobs, especially in industries.
 Researcher and experienced staff training in various health care settings by attracting PhD students.
 Holding workshops for special research methods for professors, students and researchers.
OERC Mission & Vision
 Collaborate in the comprehensive planning to achieve the goals of the 20-year vision plan and the country's comprehensive scientific plan on the work environment and the health of workers and workers in various occupations.
 Optimal use of facilities for the development and application of human knowledge in the work environment and improvement of the health status of employees’ Environmental situation.
 Establishment of the Center for data recording and information on occupational accidents and diseases, environmental problems of industries and other departments and organizations.
  The training of researcher and experienced human resources in the field of work environment at various scientific levels.
 Gaining all-round support from the industry and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to enhance the level of cooperation and efforts to solve their health and safety problems.
 Establishing a framework for scientific collaboration with other national and international research centers.
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