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Co-researchers of the Occupational Environment Research Center (OERC)

◊ Dr. Seyed Zia Tabatabaei   
◊ Assistant Prof. of Public Health

◊ Dr. Mostafa Nasirzadeh   
◊ Assistant Prof. of Health Education

 Dr. Yaser Salim Abadi   
 Assistant Prof. of Med Entomology

 Dr. Hadi Eslami   
 Assistant Prof. of Envir. Health Engr.

 Mr. Alireza Taheri Fard

 Mr. Hassan Ahmadinia
 PhD candidate for Biostatistics

 Ms. Marziyeh Salandari
 PhD candidate for chemical physics

 Mr. Ali Fallah
 PhD candidate for Epidemiology

 Mr. Fatemeh Dostmohammadi
 MSc of Epidemiology
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