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About Rafsanjan city
Rafsanjan, having favorable geographical environment and climate, is one of the largest pistachio areas in the world, with 100,000 hectares of pistachio. it also is considered as the most important area producing and exporting pistachio in the country. This product is one of the strategic products of the country and is the second non-oil commodity known as Green Gold.
About Pistachio safety research center (PSRC)
In August 2016, the Pistachio Safety Research Center (PSRC) of Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences was granted the authority to be established by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In this research center, basic and applied research is carried out in various fields rlated to pistachio safety, focused on Scientific studies on the production and processing of healthy pistachio, nutritional and pharmaceutical aspects of pistachio.  solving the problems presented in producing, processing, post harvesting and storing pistachio is also taken into consideration. In addition, PSRC wants to support projects on fungal contaminants ,  associated with mycotoxins, and chronic pistachio safety risks. furthermore, some Ph.D students and undergraduate students in Agricultural, Nutrition and Food Sciences can conduct their research projects under the supervision of the PSRC faculty members.
دانشگاه علوم پزشکی رفسنجان
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