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Objectives (Goals and plans) of Pistachio safety research center (PSRC)
•  Assistance in the implementation of projects, research projects and student proposals regarding pistachio health.
•  Provide appropriate strategies to improve health and pistachio hygiene.
•  Preparation, production, presentation and implementation of macro research programs at the national level, considering the priorities of the region in the field of pistachios.
•  production of knowledge-based products from pistachios
•  Carrying out basic and applied studies in pistachio pest and disease control areas, studying the impact of pistachio and its compounds on human health, the place of pistachio in diet.
•  Planning, directing and supporting activities related to the transfer of research findings, inventions, discoveries, patents and the use of technical knowledge derived from fundamental and applied research in the private sector.
•  Implementing short, medium- and long-term macro research programs on pistachio safety.
•  Collaborate and co-ordinate with native institutions, executive units, universities, higher education institutes and international organizations associated with pistachios.





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